Frequently asked questions about natural stone pavers


Why is natural stone a good choice for around my pool?

Natural stones are generally very hard wearing, which means that they will not easily show wear and a textured finish will give great slip resistance and is also highly scratch resistant. Natural stone such as Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone, Marble, Sandstone, Basalt and Quartz are visually appealing, every piece isn't identical so the appearance is more natural. If a piece gets chipped, the same colour goes all the way through the stone. 


How much maintenance is involved with natural stone pavers?

To maintain a stain free surface it is recommended that you apply a compatible sealer. Sealing does not make the stone 'stain proof' but it gives a window of opportunity to remove the stain before it penetrates into the stone. Sealing also helps protect it from pool chemicals. Also, many types of stone contain small amounts of minerals that may oxidize when exposed to the air and cause small tea like stains on the surface. Although these stains will disappear naturally over time, sealing can prevent them from occurring. You should also regularly sweep and hose down your stone pavers if outdoors.

Can I seal my Natural Stone myself?
Absolutely. Sealing is very easy to do. After cleaning the stone and allowing it to dry completely, two coats of sealer are usually applied with a lambswool applicator, leaving a couple of hours between coats. In general, we recommend a 'penetrating' type sealer that blocks the pores in the stone but doesn't change the appearance of the product. This product does not need to be removed prior to resealing. Always make sure you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer when sealing.

How often do I need to reseal my natural stone?
This depends on the type and quality of sealer used. In general, most sealers last two to three years depending on the type and brand. You need to reseal when you notice that it takes longer to dry out after rain and/or water doesn't bead on the surface.

Can I seal the stacked stone walling on my water feature?
No, we do not recommend sealing stone on water features as the constant water running over the stone can cause the sealer to look milky (i.e. white in appearance), which is unattractive, particularly on dark stones.